A rainbow of thoughts, all gone through the night
Only those with the brightest colors shine in sight
Skip the black, gray and blue
Fill the spectrum of your mind to its brightest hue
Let them float through the sky, wandering about
Filling you in, exploding out.
Purple the words but red the thought;
Black the meaning but white you shout
Passionless red and emotionless blue
A sad yellow which electrifies you.
A golden feeling which is quite poor,
The dark spots inside a white soul.
Like the black looming inside feelings obscure,
Or the clear of the empty when the colors subside.

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  1. Lala:
    I think that when we send one of our texts composed in a foreign language to Vorem it’s of the essence to accompany the translation as a sign of deference, especially if, as in this case, the text is a poem.
    Btw, your poem doesn’t quite match my perception of every colour although it’s very good.

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