Lost Internationally speaking (The Tale-bearing)

This world of the translators of languages is so congested that it looks like the Great Route of Madrid in hours in which they put on the hair of top. If Ramon Maria del Valle-Inclán was raising the head…

To ask that a peasant of the plantations of rice, of Taiwanese origin, us translates into the Afghan Doña Inés and ” The Paca ” is since asking one for pears steals pears. Or that not … that Ramon Maria del Valle-Inclán would become scatter-brained with the Word, the Excel, the Powerpoint and all the Acces of the Earth.

Why it serves them Englishman learns many people if then they write ” where it finds ” instead of ” where it has ” and remain more calm than The Calm ones singing ” If you say to me come I leave everything ” or ” Kiss Me greatly but very much very much greatly “?. It is what I say: much Shakespeare to write perfectly but at the moment of translating Valle-Inclán they begin for writing Dance – clan that looks like this the “clan” of the “dancers” instead of Dona Inés’s correct and translation ” The Paca “.

Too much diplomas have been given on this of knowing English in fifth or sixth level cuand do not know that the apple is translated for appel!. And it is that we have so many Appel got in the “coconut” that to find translators for the Afghan language it is necessary to contract, paradox of the life, an auxiliary book-keeper who helps us in this of the stories and the statements and the novels and it of more here. If Ramon Maria del Valle-Inclán could see the “bain-marie” into which this has turned of the foreign languages it would go down the Valley of the Pas and one would walk along Sabatini’s Gardens of the Royal palace of sad and pensive Madrid.

A journalist who is in Babia, much more absent-minded that I and it that already is to say, he has just written that Dona Inés and ” The Paca ” has a few marvellous prominent figures, to more polyhedric and crazier each one, and a complex history that joins action, science and mystery. I have enjoyed very much her (and I suppose that it refers to my novel and not to Dona Inés) since all the mysteries stay awake in a brilliant way (good let’s admit that it has wanted to say brilliantly) full of force and of mulberry tree. Since it is necessary to have more moral than ” The Alcoyano ” to translate the whole Dona Inès’s and novel ” The Paca ” into Sir Stanley Mathews’s language!. Especially because the novel still has not been published.

My Boss of Draft informs me that gives for the present article finished because they go to it be twelve o’clock of the morning and I have to take my coffee … so the one who wants to read Dona Inés and ” The Paca ” translated into the Afghan who waits for sat or sitting because everything comes in this world. I expect to reach soon the miracle of being so famous as Ramon Maria del Valle-Inclán but it is necessary to guard shift and the shift now is To die for you and The night of the Tesauro. Good-bye and that there take all you, reading masculine friends and reading feminine friends, a good coffee.

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  1. ¡Qué malos son los traductores online, qué rematadamente malos, sobre todo algunos! Bueno, si hubieras puesto el texto en castellano, aún podría entenderlo, pero no por las razones que cualquier pudiera pensar sino porque este texto, en su conjunto, es pésimo en el idioma en que se ha traducido. Lástima que no pusieras tu texto original en castellano, que seguro es tan bueno como todos los tuyos.
    Creí que habías dicho que no te interesaba el inglés…

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