A monologue from J.

The natural order of things. Does that even exist? Do things really have a predestined order, or do we mold our concepts to make that true? Nothing is quite certain in this world, I can tell you that. In fact, I can prove it. I am what you would call an “agent” of chaos, if you will. I’ll bet thousands, even millions of people would do what I do, but just don’t have the guts. You’ve got to be a bit on the wild side, you know? Take it in stride, don’t think it too much. Whatever goes wrong will at worst create more chaos, thus fulfilling your primary wish. Sometimes I wonder how I became this way. I am what many would call “a deranged, sociopath killer”. I, on the other hand, would prefer the term “unique killer with a point to prove”. I can’t just give my message. I need people to take part in it, to realize what I’ve been saying all along. Then I won’t be alone, you will all be going to hell with me. After all, life’s just a joke.

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